Intro to Copper

Copper is a Go toolkit complete with everything you need to build web apps. It focuses on developer productivity, makes building web apps in Go more fun with less boilerplate, and provides out-of-the-box support for common needs. Most importantly, it stays out of your way and relies on the Go standard library as much as possible to keep your code idiomatic Go.
Fullstack Toolkit 🚀 Copper provides a toolkit complete with everything you need to build web apps quickly.
One Binary 📦 Build frontend apps along with your backend and ship everything in a single binary.
Server-side HTML 📝 Copper includes utilities that help build web apps with server-rendered HTML pages.
Auto Restarts 💡 Copper detects changes and automatically restarts the server to save time.
Scaffolding 🏗 Skip boilerplate and scaffold code for your packages, database queries, and routes.
Batteries Included 🔋 Includes CLI, lint, dev server, config management, and more!

Hacker News Clone

Hacker News Clone using Copper + Tailwind