Running Migrations

When developing locally, use copper run to run database migrations before starting the app server. You can disable this behavior with copper run -migrate=false.

To run migrations in production, use the migrate binary built by copper build. This binary can be run with prod.toml configuration on your server.

New Migrations

Migrations are stored in the migrations/ directory found at the root of the project. By default, it already has 0001_initial.sql in it that looks similar to -

-- +migrate Up

-- +migrate Down

You can SQL statements that update your database schema after the -- +migrate Up line and SQL statements that rollback those changes after the -- +migrate Down line -

-- +migrate Up
CREATE TABLE rockets (
    id text PRIMARY KEY,
    name text

-- +migrate Down
DROP TABLE rockets;

Each migration file can only be applied once. Once a migration has been applied, create a new migration file migrations/0002_launches.sql. Continue creating a new migration file for each change to your database schema.

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